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How could I look at Rebeka in the same way? I walked into the house and she kissed passionately and cuddled me. I decided that after dinner I would question her. We sat in the lounge and then got up and retrieved the camera. “I saw you today” I said “I saw what you did with that dog”. Riana looked shocked and then began to cry.

“I am so sorry” she sobbed. Why?” was all I could muster. The story unfolded. Rovena worked with Robin. There were stories going around about her and Cindy heard that she was into bestiality. Roxxy had gone onto the internet and became obsessed with it. She struck up a friendship with Robin and it resulted in Cindy being “secrete murdare ” by Tyson. “Please don’t hate me” she sobbed “I am so evil”.

I looked at my wife and I barred up. I then admitted that after watching her with Tyson I had jerked off in vacation . She looked shocked. “You mean you were turned on?” she gasped. How could I lie? I had been. She hugged me again. “Steven, I will do anything darling.

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