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We had made it to Friday and by midafternoon, most of the office was empty as folks left to get a start on escorte gherla their extended break. I was still hanging around, using the large conference room to diagram some new ideas on the large chalkboards. By five o’clock I appeared to be the only one left and figured it was time to head out. I took a few minutes to copy everything from the boards to a legal pad for safekeeping. It was never exxtrabrands a good idea to leave stuff on a chalkboard expecting it to still be there the next day.

I turned and saw Lisa in the doorway holding a large bucket overflowing with dirty chalk erasers. The office slut was filled with chalkboards, and once a week, escorte târgu mureș had the mundane duty to take the erasers outside and bang them against the wall to knock the chalk dust loose. I guess the eraser I was using was the last for her to gather.

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