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My breathing became heavy, I could feel my penis swelling inside Miss Herndon. She too must have felt it because she placed the heel of her shoes into my chest and pushed me back. It was so unforeseen, that I stumbled backwards. She twisted around on the conference table and held her head back off the table and she opened her mouth.

Her breasts heaved as she gasped for air. I was not sure what she wanted but her open mouth was a good sign. I stepped up and laid my penis in the open mouth. She reached back and placed her hand on my butt and pulled me into her.

She grabbed my hips and pushed and pulled me in and out. I shoved my penis down her throat. She took all of it. I watched her neck, and could see it bulge as my penis invaded it. That sight was too much. I could not hold back any more. I erupted in Miss Mary’s throat. She gripped my buttocks and held me there until she could not take any more, and she pushed me back.

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